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Physical Infrastructure:


VDO is working with rural communities. In rural area VDO also play a vital role in physical infrastructure. We have a Drainage Scheme & bricks street of Rs. 6,200,000 at Village Mehar Ali Talpur with financial Support of Public health engineering department Government of Sindh a project of World Bank.

A link Road of 1.5 is built with the share 25% of community in the shape of land and earth work by the financial support of district Government at village Mehar Ali Talpur in 2001.

Citizen Community Board (CCB) District government program:

VDO members aware the community about Citizen Community Board & its advantages. By this the community members with the participation of VDO members formed a CCB named Mehran CCB & registered it from district government at district Sanghar.

i) Waiting Room:         Mehran CCB achieved a scheme of waiting room of total Rs. 246,775 in which 20% Rs. 49,435 paid community in cash. This project funded by district government. This project supports that passenger they are waiting for the bus stop for local transport facility. Especially patients, children and women they were waiting beneath open sky in sunny or rainy season now they have a shelter.

ii) Link Road: 1 Km of the link road of Rs. 2,400,000.00 from village Mehar Ali Talpur to Village Badal Khan Brohi.  The scheme is implemented by CCB with coordination of VDO. In this scheme the community share 20% Rs. 480,000.00 paid in cash. Besides this the community also provided the land for the construction of road. This link road joints two link roads in which have a space. Before this in rainy season specially women and patients facing troubles due storing water.